tiivii’s automatic production system installed in Paco Paz Sports Palace

Orense Provincial Council has just installed tiivii, an automatic production system for sports events from the Galician company cinfo, at the Paco Paz Sports Palace in Orense. The Provincial Council, with this facility, intends to promote the technological development of sport.

The venue, in which different sports are practiced: futsal, basketball, gymnastics, handball, hockey, volleyball, etc., has been equipped with an 8K panoramic camera with 4 lenses that automatically tracks sports using Artificial Intelligence, adapting to the particularities of each sport, a robotic camera for close-ups and a camera in one of the backgrounds to enrich the points of view.

With this system, the events that take place can be broadcast live without the need for anyone to travel to the venue , notably reinforcing the versatility of it by making use of intelligent cameras that produce quality events in a matter of minutes. Also with this system it will be possible to record the trainings allowing the continuous improvement of the local athletes.

cinfo`s product allows you to automatically follow the game as well as focus on any player individually since each camera in the venue is governed autonomously by its own Artificial Intelligence (AI) agent. Likewise, thanks to its production studio in the cloud, a professional production of each event can be done remotely, including support for additional cameras that are integrated into the production, graphic media, voiceovers, advertising, scoreboards, real-time replays and 180-degree vision for virtual reality glasses, which can be used depending on the needs of each event.

19 Sep 2023

cinfo presents tiivii RP2, the new version of its automatic and remote production suite.

September 15, 2023, Amsterdam: cinfo announced today at IBC 2023 an evolved version of its cloud-based automatic and remote production software, tiivii. This version has been the result of the combined work from the AI, video processing, and cloud orchestration teams.
20 Jul 2023

We keep improving our multilingual OTT. Automatic translations and automatically expanded synopses

The hunger for learning and to try new things is one of cinfo’s defining characteristics. A few months ago, we were all surprised by the emergence of AI-based language systems such as chatGPT, and of course, we have been learning how to use them and how to leverage them in our products.
26 Jun 2023

Avilés choose tiivii to broadcast municipal plenary sessions

The municipality of Avilés has just signed a contract with cinfo to use its automatic production system, tiivii, to broadcast their municipal plenary sessions for the next two years.