Madrid government will use tiivii, the leading automatic production system, in the taekwondo training center of Puerta de Hierro sports park

tiivii automatic production system will be installed in the training center and will provide service in all the dojangs of the same

• One of the main training centers of this sport will have tiivii for the development of athletes

December 2021 – The Madrid authorities has commissioned cinfo, leading spanish company in automatic production technologies, the installation of an intelligent system for recording and broadcasting sports events in the taekwondo training center located in Puerta de Hierro sports complex .

A total of 9 cameras (including zenital cameras) will be installed in the venue to collect the actions of the taekwondo sportmen from any angle. The monitoring of the athletes during the Kyorugi or Poomsaes will be done automatically, without the need for a camera operator, thanks to tiivii’s Artificial Intelligence software, which is capable of detecting both the athletes and specific actions during the fighting, to capture all the details of the same

Subsequently, all the recorded images can be analyzed by the athletes and their technicians thanks to a special tiivii software that allows to review in detail all the movements of the taekwondo sportmen to improve their individual technique.

The system also allows broadcasting any competition that takes place in the venue and thanks to the mixing table in the cloud, tiivii studio, to do it with television quality, using different views in the broadcast, with replies, graphics, voiceover and scoreboard

This installation has been possible thanks to the collaboration between the federation, a private company like cinfo and the public administrations. The collaboration of all these entities is essential to allow the progress of our sport

19 Sep 2023

cinfo presents tiivii RP2, the new version of its automatic and remote production suite.

September 15, 2023, Amsterdam: cinfo announced today at IBC 2023 an evolved version of its cloud-based automatic and remote production software, tiivii. This version has been the result of the combined work from the AI, video processing, and cloud orchestration teams.
20 Jul 2023

We keep improving our multilingual OTT. Automatic translations and automatically expanded synopses

The hunger for learning and to try new things is one of cinfo’s defining characteristics. A few months ago, we were all surprised by the emergence of AI-based language systems such as chatGPT, and of course, we have been learning how to use them and how to leverage them in our products.
26 Jun 2023

Avilés choose tiivii to broadcast municipal plenary sessions

The municipality of Avilés has just signed a contract with cinfo to use its automatic production system, tiivii, to broadcast their municipal plenary sessions for the next two years.