Sport events

Record and broadcast all the matches you organize live

Broadcast live or on demand

Broadcast the matches live and record them for later playback on demand


100{da72309c24064dbcf43d9859ea74deb3aa622b719a6c8b6ff0d2a72c17438682} automatic. No camera operators

Add voiceover and live scoreboard

Monetize your matches

Increase advertising space and attract sponsors

Create video that you can sell as summaries or clips of the best moments

Build your own subscription business – we provide you with a turnkey OTT

Increase the fan experience

Build loyalty with your fans. Give them access to all the games

Multi-device, 360o broadcast or multi-camera

Generate content automatically and quickly to publish on social networks instantly

And much more

Give your coaches Second Coach, our technical traing tool to improve the team’s performance

Generates an audiovisual library for grassroots sports and their families

Who is tiivii useful for

  • Sports federations
  • Sports clubs
  • Grassroots sport
  • Leagues
  • Tournament organizers
  • Institutions managing sports venues
  • Schools
  • Video production companies
  • Pay TV platforms
  • Televisions

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