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8 de February de 2019 | MIN

The rules of the game have changed in the sporting world. tiivii technology opens up a new stage for broadcasting football, tennis, water polo, rugby and more. You won’t have to spend a fortune to move camera crews and operators to the shooting location. With tiivii you can create an automatic television channel on the internet in a very simple and affordable way. Make a note if you want to be in the game.

tiivii records, follows the action and inserts, over the video, advertising, real time scoreboard and a voice-over that you can do yourself from a mobile phone. All you need is our system and fiber optic or 4G connectivity.

We install in your venue, inside or outside, cameras connected to the Internet that record the game. The system sends the master video to our cloud, transforms it including various functionalities and finally recodes it for the type of destination you choose: mobile devices, open video platforms, social networks, pay TV operators, Smart TVs or virtual reality devices (VR).

And now that you know how it works, we’ll tell you why you need it.

Parents: enjoy the children’s game from your mobile when you can’t go see them and share the best moves with the grandparents. In the youth squads are the future Sergio Ramos, Ricky Rubio, Javier Fernandez, Lydia Valentín or Vero Boquete.

Coach: the team star is staying a lot in the middle of the field. Realize it in time and sweep the next game. The bleachers will roar. With tiivii the coaches can record the training sessions and analyze them. They will have a 180º vision and the possibility of measuring distances on the video, in addition to the tactical multicamera function to move at will through the broadcast. Thanks to tiivii you can have a complete audiovisual file, something like a book that will be pure gold in the hands of scouts.

Fans: they are the soul of the sport and now you can make them even bigger. Don’t let them miss a match, they’ll be able to watch it live when they can’t go to the stadium, and let them watch their favourite sport like never before with the multi-camera mode. They’ll be able to follow the match live and go back to review a play. They rule.

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18 Apr 2022

tiivii’s automatic production system installed in Paco Paz Sports Palace

l Council has just installed tiivii, an automatic production system for sports events from the Galician company cinfo, at the Paco Paz Sports Palace in Orense. The Provincial Council, with this facility, intends to promote the technological development of sport.

21 Dec 2021

Madrid government will use tiivii, the leading automatic production system, in the taekwondo training center of Puerta de Hierro sports park

tiivii automatic production system will be installed in the training center and will provide service in all the dojangs of the same • One of the main training centers of this sport will have tiivii for the development of athletes December 2021 – The Madrid authorities has commissioned cinfo, leading spanish company in automatic production technologies, the installation of […]