RC Celta will install tiivii at their training fields in A Madroa and at their press rooms

5 de September de 2020 | MIN

RC Celta and LaLiga have developed a automation program together with cinfo, one of the 2019 Startup Competition winners, organized by ‘The Original Inspiration Center by LaLiga’ at the end of last year. The project includes the installation of tiivii at the team’s training field in A Madroa, which can be relocated to the “Sport City” and the press rooms of the team, to record, reproduce and edit content automatically on the cloud, without the need for the production team to physically be at the venue. Thanks to this technology the RC Celta’s fans will be able to watch the games live or on demand, as well as allows journalists to attend all press conference remotely and have access to the content at any time.

Carlos Salvador, Sales Director of RC Celta explains: “this project allows us to make advances in innovation and technology, as well as offering unique content both internally to have a better following of the players, and externally to facilitate the access to media outlets during our press conferences”.

With tiivii’s technology the production of content can be combined with artificial intelligence to detect people and objects and classify scenes in real time, which can be used to by RC Celta to follow the evolution of each player during trainings and games.

Another functionality of the technology is the realization in multicamera, offering the possibility to have different cameras simultaneously, allowing the spectator to choose which they want to watch at each particular moment, not missing anything happening in the game. Moreover, it also includes the insertion of a scoreboard, graphics, sponsors and a commentator, as well as repetitions of the highlights in real time. This functionality allows the viewers to re-watch any moment during the live game. On the other hand, the technical team will have a tactical analysis tool to select different plays and follow each player.

Cinfo is one of 10 companies selected from the 2019 Startup Competition, created by The Original Inspiration Center by LaLiga who look for an opportunity to promote the digitalization and innovation of LaLiga and their teams through international startups. The installation of tiivii’s system is planned to be installed in September this year and will be the second pilot carried out after the competition, following the launch of the Real Sociedad’s smart t-shirts in collaboration with Australian company, Solos.

* The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 954040

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