Broadcast grassroot sports with tiivii so that family and fans do not miss anything

14 de February de 2019 | MIN

tiivii makes great the grassroots sport for all to see: parents, grandparents, coaching staff and scouts. tiivii allows you to record matches, play them back automatically and broadcast them live or deferred, without camera operators or a large budget. You will have a professional result with match voice-over and virtual scoreboard, advertising inserts so you can easily finance your league and guaranteed privacy. Only the VAR is missing.

Every day hundreds of events are held in schools, clubs and sports schools. The vast majority are not recorded or broadcast live. However, they arouse interest among family members, fans, coaches or scouts who can not attend or want to see it again.

tiivii is the perfect answer for everyone. Cameras are installed on the pitch and connected to the internet so that we can record, edit and broadcast live or on-demand video on YouTube or another private platform.

These are some of the advantages of tiivii for schools and sports centers:

– direct or deferred: you can broadcast your recordings on YouTube or another web server, both live and on demand.

– multi-device: enjoy the match from the computer, mobile or through an app. You only need to be connected to the internet to see it.

– production applying Artificial Intelligence: follow the action of the game automatically, insert virtual marker live to see at all times how the game goes, a graphic insert with the badges of the teams and voice-over of the encounter that you can record yourself through the mobile like Jose Maria Garcia or Adrian Wojnarowski.

– tactical multi-camera: it records the training sessions on site so that the coaching staff can analyse the moves. All camera shots will be available and they will be able to see strategic moves again.

– audiovisual archive: with all your recordings you will have the best library of matches and players, a perfect catalogue for scouts.

– advertising insertion: finance your tiivii recording system with sponsors to whom you can offer a unique advertising medium. tiivii automatically inserts banners and any type of advertising on the video.

If you want to take children’s leagues to another level, trust tiivii. Email us for more information at

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18 Apr 2022

tiivii’s automatic production system installed in Paco Paz Sports Palace

l Council has just installed tiivii, an automatic production system for sports events from the Galician company cinfo, at the Paco Paz Sports Palace in Orense. The Provincial Council, with this facility, intends to promote the technological development of sport.

21 Dec 2021

Madrid government will use tiivii, the leading automatic production system, in the taekwondo training center of Puerta de Hierro sports park

tiivii automatic production system will be installed in the training center and will provide service in all the dojangs of the same • One of the main training centers of this sport will have tiivii for the development of athletes December 2021 – The Madrid authorities has commissioned cinfo, leading spanish company in automatic production technologies, the installation of […]