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18 Apr 2022

tiivii’s automatic production system installed in Paco Paz Sports Palace

l Council has just installed tiivii, an automatic production system for sports events from the Galician company cinfo, at the Paco Paz Sports Palace in Orense. The Provincial Council, with this facility, intends to promote the technological development of sport.

21 Dec 2021

Madrid government will use tiivii, the leading automatic production system, in the taekwondo training center of Puerta de Hierro sports park

tiivii automatic production system will be installed in the training center and will provide service in all the dojangs of the same • One of the main training centers of this sport will have tiivii for the development of athletes December 2021 – The Madrid authorities has commissioned cinfo, leading spanish company in automatic production technologies, the installation of […]

15 Nov 2021

The Galician canoeing federation will use tiivii automatic production system in Verducido Lake

• tiivii automatic production system will be installed in the lake where the canoeing sprint competitions take and in two kayak polo fields • tiivii will allow the federation not only to broadcast all the competitions that take place in the Verducido Lake, but also to record all the training sessions and concentrations that are […]

11 Nov 2021

Lalin Arena will have tiivii automatic production system

The Lalin City Council and cinfo have reached an agreement to use tiivii, an automatic broadcasting system for sport events, at the Lalín Arena. The venue, in which different sports are practiced and where the silver honor division handball team plays, among others, Disiclin balonman Lalin, will have six cameras, a robotic camera for automatic game tracking and close-ups, two lateral cameras […]

28 Jul 2021

cinfo initiates the installation of an automatic production system for sports events with artificial intelligence and 5G in the O Couto Stadium

The installation of this project developed by cinfo, Ericsson and Orange, with the collaboration of Televisión de Galicia, allows to exploit all possible applications of 5G network capacity in the broadcasting of sporting events

Telefónica introduces at MWC the automatic tiivii broadcasting system at Riazor stadium

tiivii, cinfo’s fully automated professional TV platform, will be at the Mobile World Congress 2021 (MWC), to be held in Barcelona from June 28th to June 1st, at the Telefónica stand at the telecoms show.

04 Jun 2021

tiivii will be installed in the O Couto stadium with Orange 5G for TVG broadcasts

Mar Pereira, Directora de la Axencia para a Modernización Tecnolóxica de Galicia (Amtega), acompañada del Secretario de Estado de Telecomunicaciones e Infraestructuras Digitales, Roberto Sánchez, ha asistido hoy en Santiago de Compostela a la presentación oficial de la Unión Temporal de Empresas (UTE) formada por Orange, Cinfo, Gammera Nest, Optare Solutions para colaborar en el desarrollo de distintas pruebas de concepto en torno a la futura tecnología 5G. En dicho acto ha estado presente también Luz Usamentiaga, Directora General de RRII, Regulación, Comunicación Externa, RSC y Fundación Orange.

20 May 2021

The CEV Continental Beach Volleyball Cup, broadcast to 55 countries via tiivii, an automatic television production system

cinfo, a leading Spanish company in the development of products based on Artificial Intelligence, video technologies and live video, broadcast the events that took place on the occasion of the CEV Continental Cup Beach Volleyball held from 6 to 9 May at the Puerta de Hierro Sports Park in Madrid.cinfo, compañía española líder en el desarrollo de productos basados en Inteligencia Artificial, tecnologías de video y vídeo en directo, retransmitió los eventos que tuvieron lugar con motivo de la CEV Continental Cup de Vóley Playa celebrada del 6 al 9 de mayo en el Parque Deportivo Puerta de Hierro de Madrid

14 Jul 2021

The tiivii automatic broadcasting system will be installed in the Arteixo’s Sports Venue

cinfo and Arteixo Town Council have reached an agreement to install tiivii, an automatic broadcasting system for sporting events, in the town’s Sports Venue during the summer with the aim of starting it up at the beginning of the sporting season. The pavilion, where indoor football, volleyball, basketball and handball are played, will have seven […]

02 Jul 2021

tiivii, an automatic production system for sporting events, will be installed in five sports venues in A Coruña

cinfo, a leading Spanish company in the development of products based on Artificial Intelligence, video technologies and live video, and the City Council of A Coruña have reached an agreement to install the necessary equipment for the automatic broadcasting of sporting events in five of the city’s sport venues.

01 Jul 2021

Studio: advantages of tiivii’s remote production tool

The Studio is the central piece of tiivii that makes the decisions about what you want to broadcast and allows you to enrich the production with graphics, voiceovers, videos, replays, among others, whether it is used automatically or manually.In this post we will discuss some of the advantages of using the Studio. Two of the […]

15 Jun 2021

tiivii streams its first event in Ciudad de la Cultura in Santiago

Last June 10th, tiivii broadcasted the webinar “Ayudas para autónomos y pymes en 2021” at the City of Culture in Santiago de Compostela.

This event was the first tiivii has done in the City of Culture and it highlighted two of the main features of the cinfo product.

The Mar de Vigo Auditorium and Conference Centre implements tiivii automated production and emission system

The Mar de Vigo Auditorium and Conference Centre, 90-20 as official distributor and cinfo have reached an agreement to incorporate the tiivii automatic television production system in its facilities with the aim of covering the events held at the venue with a hybrid and high-performance approach.

26 Jan 2021

tiivii is used by the Centro Dramático Gallego to broadcast the play O Charco de Ulises

tiivii has broadcast the play “O Charco de Ulises”, a version of the Greek classic The Odyssey revised from the perspective of Galician emigration, by the Centro Dramático Gallego (CDG), a theatrical unit of the Xunta de Galicia. The play, directed by Santiago Cortegoso and Marián Bañobre, places Homer’s classic in a transatlantic context parallel […]

03 May 2021

The FMVB and cinfo join forces to promote the live broadcast of the next national and international Beach Volleyball competitions

The Madrid Volleyball Federation (FMVB), in its efforts to continue renewing and promoting Volleyball and Beach Volleyball in the region, has recently reached an agreement with cinfo, a leading Spanish company in the development of products based on Artificial Intelligence and video processing.


tiivii is used by the Centro Dramático Gallego to broadcast the play O Charco de Ulises to students in the region

tiivii has broadcast the play ‘O Charco de Ulises’, a version of the Greek classic ‘The Odyssey’ revised from the perspective of Galician emigration, by the Centro Dramático Gallego (CDG), a theatrical unit of the Xunta de Galicia, for students from more than 20 secondary schools in the region on the occasion of the commemoration of International Theatre Day.

tiivii livestreamed a VR event in Japan

The event, streamed on 24 February, consisted of two live broadcasts promoting the Kamui mountain area near the city of Asahikawa on the island of Hokkaido, Japan, incorporating virtual reality and automated video production by tiivii.

15 Feb 2021

University of A Coruña implements cinfo’s edustream system

The Competence and Development Group has worked together with cinfo to install the edustream virtual classroom system at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of A Coruña.

14 Jan 2021

tiivii introduces a new live labeling functionality

tiiivii introduces a new functionality that allows the creation of any kind of live label.


New functionality in tiivii’s Cloud Live Media Switcher: audio mixing

In our constant search for new opportunities to offer tiivii clients an improved service tailored to their needs, we have incorporated a new audio mixing functionality into our Cloud Live Media Switcher (CLS) production desk.

03 Nov 2020

The EIC includes tiivii among the startups that are shaping the future of sport

tiivii, an automated cloud-based video production system that allows fixed and mobile cameras driven by artificial intelligence to follow the game and produce the TV signal automatically, has been included among the six new EIC technology companies working on solutions for the sports industry.

16 Oct 2020

tiivii approaches to the Galician townships

Telefónica is implementing its 5G network in Galicia and this year expects to reach 134 towns and cities, which represent 74{da72309c24064dbcf43d9859ea74deb3aa622b719a6c8b6ff0d2a72c17438682} of the Galician population. With this deployment, not only is the best mobile technology available to Galician citizens and municipalities, but also the possibility of benefiting from other cutting-edge technologies such as cinfo’s tiivii.


tiivii broadcasted on live the events of the festival of the Virgin of Begoña in Bilbao

cinfo, leading Spanish company in automatic production technologies, broadcasted on live the main religious events at the Basilica of Begoña on Sunday 11 October from 8 am to 9 pm due the feast of the Virgin of Begoña, saint of Bizkaia, thus providing the opportunity for people to attend from their homes one of the most popular celebrations in Bilbao and Bizkaia due to the reduction in capacity established by the COVID-19.

02 Oct 2020

tiivii’s remote production system broadcast the start of the Diocesan Seminary in Bilbao

Due to the current capacity limitations in indoor places, which do not allow live assistance to the events, tiivii and its remote broadcasting system transmitted the Holy Mass celebrated last Saturday 26 September in the Basilica of Our Lady of Begoña in Bilbao as the start of the course of the Diocesan. With tiivii, the event could be streamed live via VIMEO and YouTube.

30 Sep 2020

tiivii broadcasts the Catalan Waterpolo Cup 2020 matches on live TV

The Catalonia Waterpolo Cup has begun its calendar of activities for the 2020 season since 16 September, and tiivii and its remote production system are ready to broadcast live the matches of several participating teams, including C.N. Sant Andreu and C.N. Rubí. It is planned to broadcast the matches of more teams throughout the cup.

25 Sep 2020

tiivii introduces new features in its Cloud Live Media Switcher (CLS) media gallery

Although the majority of the sports and cultural events have been cancelled due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the tiivii team has continued improving the automatic and remote production platform so that, as soon as the competitions and shows restart, our clients can have a better development of the product. 

23 Sep 2020

cinfo installs tiivii in the Errotabarri venue

The Errotabarri handball club has installed tiivii in the Miguel Angel Blanco venue in Ermua. The Errotabarri handball club has teams in different categories and ages, and the most relevant team is the senior one that plays in the women’s silver honor division of the Regular League B.

05 Sep 2020

RC Celta will install tiivii at their training fields in A Madroa and at their press rooms

RC Celta and LaLiga have developed a automation program together with cinfo, one of the 2019 Startup Competition winners, organized by ‘The Original Inspiration Center by LaLiga’ at the end of last year.


Italian and Japanese culture come together thanks to tiivii technology

tiivii has broadcasted a short concert of “The Barber of Seville” performed by the Bologna Opera for Japan and completed with the drawings of the manga projected on the back.


cinfo’s tiivii project wins the european call “EIC accelerator”

and will receive € 6m to become the european leader in automatic production for sports

cinfo introduces at Inter BEE tiivii Studio’s new functionalities and tiivii AlCamOp

We will be at Inter BEE, one of the most influential events in Asia about TV and entertainment technology. The event will take place at Makuhari Messe in Mihama, Japan, between the 13th and 15th of November. You can find us at the booth 7513 Hall 7.

03 Sep 2019

CINFO will be at IBC’2019 with metadata and its tiivii technology for AI assisted cloud event production

We’ll be attending IBC, Europe’s most influential event for television and entertainment. You can find us in hall 14 at stand D35.

05 Jul 2019

tiivii technology in the final phase of the GSIC Startup Competition 2019

We are in the final phase of the competition called by GSIC in collaboration with LaLiga to look for startups with the ability to present disruptive technologies on the football sector.

12 Jun 2019

How do we install tiivii technology in your premises?

If you have a venue and you want to equip it with video technology to automatically record sporting events, concerts or any other event, cinfo will take care of the entire installation without you having to worry about anything.

20 May 2019

Remotely edit your events with the tiivii Studio

In addition to automatically producing your events, with tiivii you can carry out a realization remotely from a editing desk in the cloud that we call Studio. This mode replaces the automatic tracking algorithm for you to manually select camera shots, movements, zoom and graphics.

15 Apr 2019

tiivii offers you video tools to scout your team

tiivii allows you to record your team’s matches and training sessions and then analyse them in multi-camera format, watch the plays in 180º and measure distances over the video.


tiivii offers tailor-made solutions for broadcasting congresses and events

Being competitive in such a booming sector as conventions and events means providing facilities with attractive services for companies and participants. The recording and streaming of conferences, conferences is one of them. And tiivii makes it possible thanks to artificial intelligence and video analytics.

14 Feb 2019

Broadcast grassroot sports with tiivii so that family and fans do not miss anything

tiivii makes great the grassroots sport for all to see: parents, grandparents, coaching staff and scouts. tiivii allows you to record matches, play them back automatically and broadcast them live or deferred, without camera operators or a large budget.

08 Feb 2019

record and stream your sport events with tiivii

The rules of the game have changed in the sporting world. tiivii technology opens up a new stage for broadcasting football, tennis, water polo, rugby and more.